Leave aside the concepts of level, point and straight line, cartesian coordinates, north, south, east and west, euclidean geometry.
the following mental relations are useful for schools. it has no place in very serious discussions.

ge= 9.807m/s2 , F = ma => M = f/a
v = dt , a = v – v0/t , Ep = mgh
{ E . C . M . R . G . F . V . A . D . T . X . Y . Z } =?

you imagine someone has been found. unusual, he doesn’t need . to eat, drink, sleep, breathe, and nothing. he doesn’t even blink. but he sees. he is suspended in space where there are no signs. he is staring at two pieces of stone next to each other. from eternity to eternity. based on this mental relationship below :

These two pieces of stone will never merge.

Even this mental relationship

In very serious discussions about the structure of the universe, the slightest doubt about any statement invalidates it. and that point of view remains at the level of words. because no one can express any point of view absolutely.

Let alone titles like relativity, ratio, comparison, scale, size and so on.