Very important. The beginning and the end of the universe only once

In this web site, you are faced with several chapters. which are actually the names of books. that this humble person wrote them.
It should be noted that the approach of the concepts written in the book “Introduction to the interpretation of the universe” is related to the basis of human thinking. in which all the ideas raised in this field have been seriously challenged. And it starts with the concept of a conversation with the audiences, and with brief references to the basic concepts, we gradually enter the main topics. So the audiences should have at least background in physics, theoretical physics, astrophysics, particle physics, philosophy, chemistry, etc. So,In this area, we have followed the path of our abstract thinking. therefore, we will not refer to any point of view other than the designated path.
That time has arrived which another horizon in the type of human attitude towards the whole world be presented. and let’s completely leave the baseless ideas that are given a scientific aspect. Let us think first do we think right? and this issue it’s too important.
It seems so.thought captivity disease It has penetrated into most areas of human thought. and it is enough for a disinterested thinker to study a hypothesis or a point of view of a particular person. haste and baseless general conclusions will be clearly revealed in that thinking. such thoughts in the field of theoretical physics, they have assumed the aspect of imaginations and fantasies. and there are countless people in this field. who want to become famous in any way possible,and make a name for themselves. such a method has taken on a helpless and pitiful state. and it has diverted such people from the path of healthy thinking.
In this chaotic state of baseless thoughts, about everything baseless comments are presented. but alas that of the truth not a word is said. and humans have fallen into a deep sleep in wakefulness. and such a state is pleasing to those who deny the truth. But this fantasy is false. fleeting noises and bubbles on the ocean will eventually disappear. and the a pacific ocean will remain.that Truth is the axis of emergence of any unstable possible”With such background, we started to write this book and we have not left any doubt in it. This method is based on truth. And ” the high truth is insight. The humble people of the world submit to it. “anyway a method other than methods that do not know a specific result. It should have been prepared. the human in way of thinking, In countless baseless thoughts has consumed andvin long periods and trapped himself in the thoughts of subjectivism, human not did knew In the magic of woven legends has eaten ghouta.until to present time has arrived. It seems so. even now, the state of human thought has not changed much. rather, the scope of such illusions has also been increased. Salus theorists always have boarded. on thoughts of fellen asleep, and they have led naive people to whatever direction they want.
the most important parts of this book are related to its final parts. that in order to understand them better, the first parts of the book should be carefully read and deeply thought about. in the final parts, some philosophical terms mentioned in some topics are briefly explained.
In the book “The Dimensionless World” as it is inferred from its name. the depth of human understanding regarding the structures beyond imagination has been discussed. and the paradigms and formulas discussed in the hypothesis of general relativity have been seriously challenged. there is another horizon for gravity. coherence nothing to existence
There are serious discussions about the structure of space , and regarding the invalidity of parallel worlds, dark matter, dark energy, the big bang, the expansion of the universe, and…


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