The date of origin a thinking being called human has appointment in an aura of ambiguity.and so it seems. in the horizon of biopaleontological analyses, and other channels of human knowledge there will never be an answer to this question.
and it is enough we examine the baseless hypotheses of evolution in depth regarding the human species.because the emergence of the facts in the universe, in an interval very very slow appear. and no one is able to definitively interpret the details of the universe. and conscious thinker never intellectual infrastructure yourself Based on the assumption does not build. in human’s religious beliefs to no details is mentioned. and only with symbolic language, there are general concepts about creation. and so is the truth. because the philosophy of thinking is the most important general rule related to the emergence of a thinking being called human. because the universe finds meaning with man. And the honor, dignity and status of a human being is very high.
In the way of the remaining thoughts of previous humans, at each point of time, depending on the power, capacity and knowledge available at that time, opinions have been expressed about creation. that later human has realized that it is incorrect and subsequent comments has replaced it, and this trend continues to this day.
and always short sighted fools of brainless have existed That have insisted on their false opinion. and they have given their illusions a scientific aspect. and later, with the progress of human knowledge, the falseness of such hasty comments has been revealed and discarded.
The most obvious of these myopias a illusion board was Copernicus Theory who kept Europe in sleep for centuries!!!
even now, this situation has not changed much, and in the field of theoretical physics and other branches of knowledge, there are countless hasty ones which they weaves together illusions, and under the title of scientific theories, they inject into the thought of the naive. and this is the right opportunity for hypocr.

The final word of this episode :
now in a mode of astonishment, we must warn.
every point of view in every field ,it are not placed on the on the horizon of certainty. and subjective data in any form That be they. from the emergence of facts always are latter. and these concepts ,when they get close to the area of truth. are completely colorless and fade.
In such a challenge, back to illusions of variable, will not be work of healthy intellect.