Undoubtedly speaking and language They are one of the most important foundations. that human has achieved it. this component is so important that if it is taken away from human. a human will not be a human anymore. which Separation border human from other creatures, the power of speech, language, reading and writing, and the unconscious pronoun It is related to these four components. and researchers are still researching the relationship between the human brain and speech and language, reading and writing, unconscious pronoun. and they have not achieved specific and definitive results.
Every nation speaks a language. after centuries, there are still words in Indo-European languages, which have more or less the same roots with a slight difference.
Anyway, the origin of some languages began from one region and in the subsequent migration of humans to other regions have undergone transformation and change.
Since late, for which a specific period of time cannot be determined, with the gradual integration of human social structures and the communication between them, the speech and language patterns of each society have evolved from within the same society…