Is the concept of dark energy really a correct concept?

Before discussing the dark energy, let us we explain regarding human vision mechanism and electromagnetism algorithm.
if the majority of people in the world give diagno only color black and white. and few people in the world to see all the colors. the majority will tell the minority that you are sick and conversely. is this sentence really true? no not is true. now you pay attention to this concept. for example people have been found. sees infrared and ultraviolet. they see even beyond it that we do not see. with seeing such people, others will say, they see delusions. and they are delusional.
from a logical point of view, this sentence is also not correct. but the reality is something else. any sign that can be understood by a human in the universe of possibilities truth is not absolute. and there is no absolute certainty. based on biological needs every living thing on earth reacts to light.
And every thoughtful thinker knows this. So no important discovery has been made. For someone to say in controversy. Due to the presence of light, living beings have sense of sight. Because ordinary thinkers knew it decades and maybe even centuries ago. that some living beings do not have a sense of sight at all. And they don’t need it.
The mechanism of the needs of living organisms and countless discovered and undiscovered components interacting with each other, during very long processes, have shaped the landscape we are facing. (we will not go into details for now).
Considering that our concepts are not registered yet. Due to the fear of copyright, we postpone the important discussion of electromagnetism to the future.